The Annual Best Compliance Practices Forum is upon us (October 15-16; DC Metro) and it will be an exciting Forum. Ten to twelve Best Practices will be selected from all submissions nationally with five Best Practices already approved. Best Practices are selected by a panel of senior compliance professionals who review all submissions received by the Health Ethics Trust and select practices that are exceptional judged by current compliance program standards. All practices are presented in an accessible form and are available to attendees.

This year’s Best Practices will include:

  • Physician Network Compliance – Atrium Health
  • Risk-Based Provider Audits – Atrium Health
  • Clinical Research Auditing and Monitoring – Northwell Health
  • Institutional Conflicts of Interest – H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Navigator Code of Business Conduct – GuideWell Source

These practices break new ground. For example, while most compliance programs have a process to address individual conflicts of interest, few if any have addressed organizational conflicts of interest, as Moffitt has. Many health systems are building larger physician networks, but few can monitor physician practices in real time, as Atrium can. And it is ever harder to improve on codes of conduct, but GuideWell Source has raised the bar.

There will be more Best Compliance Practice winners announced in the coming days. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from others who have proven Best Practices. The faculty for the Best Practices Forum will also continue to grow.

In the coming days we will be announcing more Best Practice Award winners and added faculty. Tuition for the Forum is always modest to encourage sharing of Best Practices. Learn more at and enroll now while there are still openings. For additional information, enrollment or available scholarships, call the Heath Ethics Trust at 703-683-7916.