Best Practice Nominations

Submit Your Best Practice Today - Submission Deadline, May 15th, 2019

The Nomination Process

Nominating a compliance practice for recognition at the Healthcare Best Compliance Practices Forum is a simple process. Health care organizations of any size or type that are seriously and genuinely committed to improving health care compliance are welcome to apply. Nominations may be self- nominations of your own organization or nominations of another organization’s compliance efforts. Nominated organizations need not be official Health Ethics Trust members.

Our goal is to make this process as open as possible. We do not seek to claim turf, draw boundaries or build fences. Quite simply, we want to advance the field of health care compliance.

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Before a submission can be reviewed and considered for an award, the organization must have a representative registered as an attendee for the Forum who will be able to present their best practice at the Forum. The representative from the award winning organization must be prepared to give a short presentation on their approach at the Forum. 

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When Are Nominations Accepted?

Nominations are accepted in the period leading up to the Annual Healthcare Best Compliance Practices Forum, which is typically held in October of each year. The nominations period opens in January and are accepted until May 15th, 2019.

What Can Be Nominated?

Nominations are accepted for any part of a health care compliance program that a health care organization considers as worthy of recognition. There are, however, some sample areas of health care compliance programs where written criteria outlining best practices have been developed (below).  Organizations may elect to either nominate in an area where criteria have been defined, or nominate another aspect of their compliance program or approach. It is not necessary to meet all the criteria in defined area to win a Best Practice Award.

How Should Nominations Be Prepared And Presented?

Nominations should be presented in written form and submitted in conjunction with an application form either by mail to Health Ethics Trust, 214 S. Payne St., Alexandria, VA 22314, electronic submission, or by emailing the submission to

The nomination should explain the nature of the approach adopted in the area nominated, and why it has been successful. It may be appropriate to also explain why the nominated compliance practice is special or important in relation to similar activities by peer organizations (e.g., in relation to other long-term care providers of similar size; or other health care plans; or other pharmaceutical companies).

Illustrative materials should be included to support the written submission. These do not need to be exhaustive. Include sufficient materials to illustrate key aspects of your organization’s approach.

If an organization is nominating in an area (or aspect of an area) where there are written best practice criteria – it is advisable to address how your organization meets some or all of these criteria as part of the application. (Note: It is not expected that nominations will meet all the criteria in a given area. The criteria have been written to accommodate a variety of different types and sizes of health care organizations.)

How Are Nominations Judged?

Nominations are judged by an independent Review Board. The Board is composed of experienced health care compliance professionals and content experts. A senior staff member of the Health Ethics Trust co-ordinates this Board, but does not vote or influence decisions regarding awards. The Trust also provides some administrative support.

In general, nominations are judged in terms of how well they meet broad criteria for best practices, and where applicable, how well they meet specific criteria for best practice areas. The broad criteria stipulate that best compliance practices will:

  • Ultimately drive toward patient focused quality care;
  • Involve the key leadership of an organization;
  • Have a mechanism for continuous improvement and organizational learning;
  • Engage employees at all levels;
  • Be shaped by an analysis of relevant data and information; and
  • Focus on clinical, financial and organizational outcomes.

Members of the Review Board also take into consideration the particular type and size of the health care organization when they are reviewing nominations. This means that compliance practices are judged in context on the merits of each application.

When Are The Awards Presented?

Awards for best compliance practices in health care are presented at the annual Healthcare Best Compliance Practices Forum, which is typically held in October in the DC Metro Area. All award winners receive a plaque signifying their award and are publicly acknowledged at the Forum.

A representative from the award winning organization must be prepared to give a short presentation on their approach at the Forum. Before the submission can be reviewed and considered for an award, the represenative who will be presenting at the Forum must be registered as an attendee for the Forum.