Online Best Practice Submission

Submission Deadline: Aug 14th, 2024

Online Submission Guidelines

Your nomination should explain the nature of the approach adopted in the area nominated and why it has been successful. It may be appropriate to also explain why the nominated compliance practice is special or important in relation to similar activities by peer organizations (e.g., in relation to other long-term care providers of similar size; or other health care plans; or other pharmaceutical companies). Please include this information in the text box in the form below, or attach a separate document in one of the Support Document fields.

Illustrative materials should also be included to support the written submission. These do not need to be exhaustive. Include sufficient materials to illustrate key aspects of your organization’s approach. These can be attached in the form below under Supporting Documents.  If you need to submit additional documents, please email them to

If an organization is nominating in an area (or aspect of an area) where there are written best practice criteria – it is advisable to address how your organization meets some or all of these criteria as part of the application. (Note: It is not expected that nominations will meet all the criteria in a given area. The criteria have been written to accommodate a variety of different types and sizes of health care organizations.)

Before a nomination can be considered and reviewed by the Best Practices committee, a representative from the nominating organization must be registered and available to both attend and present the award at the Forum.

Submit your Best Practice by completing this form:

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